Vinay Krishnani
Founder / CEO, Kain New York


Born into a Diamond Legacy, for the last 3 decades - I’ve been grateful. I’ve always got what I wanted. From my most valued material positions, to the invaluable wisdom acquired through relationships & experiences…

That being said, I have never wanted to create any piece of jewelry as insanely accurate, and perfected, as I have wanted, this initial collection of Kain.

It took over a year of long days & late nights – working with a CAD team, and later bench jewelers and finally macramé crafting artists – to create the first series of bracelets in the collection.

Every Kain piece is made to be a piece of art, a gift for a Man who has everything.

To me, Kain symbolizes Simplicity, Confidence, Consistency, Power & Inspiration… as it evolves.

Like a pair of my favorite jeans - my bracelet, with it's blemishes, wear and tear - makes itself unique and feel like my own, sharing my journey. -VINAY KRISHNANI