Our Story

Mr. Kain is a character buried, deep in all of us.

The ambition that drove us to who we are today, battling adversity and diversity.

Everyone here came from a different walk in life.

We have all experienced different trials and tribulations, converting that into the product we have today.

Each piece delivered to you has had countless hours put into of hand finishing; from the hours of finishing to the final polish of each product.

Inspired through everyone from, your chivalrous, Humphrey Bogart to, your unruffled, James Bond.

Kain was created to allow you find and embrace the true person within you, through your journey.

The essence of profound insight is its simplicity. We live by the philosophy that less is more.

We deliver a signature product that is worn to evolve with wear and tear, which emulates the journey you take – each and every time it’s worn.

Surrounding our selves with a luxurious lifestyle, Kain is the embodiment of New York City lifestyle.

Driven by innovation and assertiveness, we are redefining the missing link in the menswear accessory industry by creating: a gift for the man who has everything,